FHSC Auxiliary clubs are informal groups of FHSC members who meet periodically for a common interest.

Auxiliary Clubs register and maintain a current POC and roster with the Membership Chair.  Each club is extended the privilege of attending Super-Sign Up, submitting articles to the club newsletter, and recruiting and advertising at membership events.

Auxiliary Club do not engage in fundraising activities that are not directly supervised by and in support of a Community Outreach.

With respect to our existing Sub Clubs (Officers’ Spouses’ League Bowling Club, Creative Cooking Club, Ya Ya Sisterhood Golf Club) and our long standing relationship, they will be extended the same privileges as our Auxiliary Clubs.  However, any existing member of these sub clubs not eligible for FHSC membership will not be extended the privileges of said membership.

Patriotic Piecemakers Quilt Group

2nd and 4th Tuesdays 11 am - 3 pm
POC: Danielle Jackson-Thomas - jdjtmeek@aol.com


POC needed please contact fh.2nd.vp@gmail.com to volunteer

Wine Club

POC: Shauna Pelley - ShaunaPelley@gmail.com
POC: Lisa Andrews - Lis2805@yahoo.com

Book Club

POC: Lauren Larry -LAURENLARRY@gmail.com


POCs: Jackie Messenger and Brandi Dearmon -fhscfitnessclub@gmail.com


POC Ursula Adam  -bella5557@gmail.com


POC: Kimberly Millner - KimberlyMillner@ymail.com


POC: Wanda O'Leary - WandaOLeary@yahoo.com

Lunch Bunch

POC Angela Durham alcd629@yahoo.com


POC needed please contact fh.2nd.vp@gmail.com to volunteer.


POC Rich Lucas lucasr@hot.rr.com